Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Teaching and Living Healthy

Since beginning teaching I have gained over 50 pounds, and I am not in the least bit impressed with that fact. Throughout high school and college I was much more physically active - I played soccer in high school and having a gym on campus I frequented there in college. I can't pin point one exact reason why my weight went so out of control over the last 5 years, I think it is a combination of a lot of things.
  1. Being active - I am on my feet most of the day, but the extent of my physical activity is walking from one end of my classroom to the other. The closest gym is about 15 minutes from my home but in the opposite direction of where I work, its also a bit expensive.
  2. Stress Eating - I eat when I am stressed. Between the stress of being a teaching during my first few year and the stress of being married I have certainly done my fair share of eating my feelings. Of course the treats that taste good when I am stressed are far from healthy.
  3. Finances - besides money issues adding to my stress I have cut corners when it comes to buying groceries. At least where I live fresh food tends to be the more expensive so all to often I have passed on the fresh greens and fruits for less healthy alternatives.
Ok enough of the excuses! While I understand what has lead me to this point I don't think it is reason to justify and make it sound like I am ok with this. So, last week I decided to start doing something about it and went and bought this.....

This is my NINJA blender. I have been blending everything! I have tried sweeter combinations at breakfast times such as strawberry banana or today's creation apple raspberry. I have also tried veggie combinations for lunch on weekends or late night snack. I made a yummy apple carrot combo this week as well as a cucumber, ginger, celery. For liquid I have been using either a light white grape juice or coconut water.

I love smoothies and creating new combos has been a lot of fun. It is certainly helping me to include more fruits and veggies in my diet.

Stay tuned for more updates on my road to becoming a fit, healthy, teacher!