Thursday, December 5, 2013

Currently December

It is time for the December issue of Currently! As always I am a bit late linking up but not as late as usual. So here we go...

LISTENING: I can't function without music or noise in the background. I always have either the TV on or music playing on the computer when I am working, cleaning, cooking, even reading. So ever since I was cleaning the house up for Thanksgiving I have been listening to Christmas music. Some days this if from iTunes where I have the "Straight No Chaser" a Capella Christmas album and more than my fair share of Trans Siberian Orchestra. I also love my Pandora account and have at least 3 Christmas stations on there....yeah I'm kinda sorta a Christmas music fanatic. 

LOVING: Well, let's just stick to this Christmas theme. I put in and decorated my Christmas tree this weekend. It's a bit early but last year it was Christmas Eve before I had time to decorate and that was a real bummer. this year I am not taking any chances so I did it while I had the time. And as you may have guesses I listened to Christmas music while decorating!

THINKING: gah I am so behind on grading. I did so well the first part of the school year with keeping up. Right now I am a couple of days behind and grades close on Friday. This weekend is going to be grading palooza at my house. Maybe I should blog less and grade more....

WANTING: I have been very frustrated for basically the last two years about not being able to be back in school. I had everything in the works to start my Masters this summer but my financial aid fell through and I still have started. I want so badly to be starting this, my plan was always to teach for three years and then start my masters.

NEEDING: I think last night MAYBE was the end of this. The pie was gone within a day or two. The end of the turkey was finished off over the weekend. The salad is officially wilted and what is left will be bunny food tonight. I still have crackers and cheese, two cans of unopened cranberry sauce, and pickles galore!

FAVORITE CHRISTMAS TRADITION: My husband is the youngest of 5 kids. All of them are married and all except for us have 2 or more children. Most years at least 4 of the 5 siblings land at his parents house for Christmas and whenever possible all of them are there with their families. It gets very hectic with 12 + adults and 11 children, not to mention whoever for cousins that may pop in. I LOVE IT! We do a big secret Santa exchange where each child has a cousin to get a gift for and each sibling/spouse has another adult to buy for. We all gather in the living room and one by one open gifts and try to guess who was our Santa. It's so much fun and such great time spent with family! 


  1. Thanks for the comments - I love connecting with other teachers via monthly Currentlys!

    My mom is the oldest of 6 kids, each is married, & has a few kids - so I hear ya on the Favorite Christmas Tradition, large family gathering, Secret Santa gifts/name drawing, & bustle of having 15+ adults & eons of kiddos running around!! Maybe that's why we "piled in the car" and went scouring the neighborhood for lights {we needed a break!}, LOL!

    Off to see Catching Fire, glad it got your stamp of approval!

    Merry Christmas, April!

  2. April,
    Drexel University has an online masters program that is fantastic! I got my bachelors and my masters in 5 years (so I graduated with both), but the masters classes were all online! I'm a #techie so I love online learning. Check it out! It is ranked highly!

  3. Kristan - I hope you enjoyed Catching Fire! I really have enjoyed both the books and the movies from that series. I just finished reading the "Divergent" series by Veronica Roth which has a similar style. I highly suggest those books if you haven't read them.

    Sarah - thanks for the tip about Drexel University. I have not looked at their programs before but will be going to now!